• Willow Hammer, L.Ac.

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Whatever holiday you celebrate, and even if you don’t observe one this time of year, there are parties and gatherings galore. Lots of family, friendship, socializing, and sharing of gifts and food. Oh, the food! ’Tis the season of overindulgence and elastic waistbands. Do you find yourself gravitating towards the salty snacks? Or sampling all the sweets? Either way, it’s hard to get through December without at least one bout of indigestion, one evening feeling like you’ve eaten a basketball, or at worst an added pound or three. So how do you avoid any or all of these without hiding in your closet the entire holiday season?

Start with moderation. I know, I know, stating the obvious: but sometimes it's helpful to be reminded. And stick to your exercise regimen, no matter how chaotic things get. Studies show exercise improves sleep and helps the body combat stress, as well as burns those pesky calories, so now's the BEST time to keep it up. Don't have a regimen? Don't wait until New Year's Resolution time, start today, when your body and mind need it the most!

Now for the tell-me-something-I-don't-know part. According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, our bodies like sweet because it aids digestion. I'm not talking egg nog and fudge: I'm talking about sweet potatoes and fruit. Ever wondered why you get orange slices at the end of your meal at a Chinese restaurant? Digestion, of course! So look to a helping of yams rather than a plate of cookies at then end of your Christmas dinner.

Another digestive aid is ginger. If you don't have a tea bag, carry a ginger candy in your pocket, or reach for the gingerbread man before you reach for a slice of yule log.

And, of course, there's a point for that. The Hunger point is on the ear,

and can be massaged when you're having a hard time tearing yourself away from that table of goodies. Rub the area I'm pointing to in the picture, and notice you'll start dreaming of sugarplum fairies rather than just sugar.

Almost as importantly, see your acupuncturist. And your chiropractor.

And your massage therapist. And whatever other healthcare professional keeps you happy and healthy. Don't have any of the above? Ask Santa!

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