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Willow Tree Acupuncture NY


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After comprehensive study with Master Acupuncturist Kiiko Matsumoto & Monika Kobylecka, my focus is on treating what’s at the core of your symptoms and why your body isn’t healing itself efficiently. Constitutional (or root) treatments accompany symptomatic (or branch) treatments, to help you feel and stay better. Rather than selecting a combination of points that should, in theory, help, I carefully examine points and find the ones that are most actively effective.

I am board-certified by the NCCAOM.

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J F from Long Island
Andy from Queens:

"I am an aging athlete with flat feet and chronic tendonitis problems in one foot. Usually I just live with the chronic pain in that foot, which gets worse when I play my sports. Then every few years when I start limping, I go to physical therapy, where it takes about 8-10 sessions to get back to normal.


I started treatment with Willow expecting that the pain may be managed after a while, but after just two sessions it was gone! She did in two weeks what PT only could do in two months! So easy to do, and such amazing results! And in those same sessions, she eliminated various back strains immediately as well...


Willow is warm, professional, and obviously knows her stuff! When I have pain from anything in the future, there’s nowhere else I’ll need to go…"

After years of chronic inflammation in my knee and seeing medical specialist after specialist with no answers, I decided to try acupuncture. I started seeing Willow for acupuncture sessions in the Summer of 2022 and my experience could not have been a better one. Willow always listens, and really focuses on the physical issues at hand. Even when my knee started feeling better, but other ailments arose (ex. hives/skin sensitivities, pain in other joints, sinus pressure) Willow was happy to address every issue that came her way. Without Willow Acupuncture I don’t know where I would be today with regards to being almost completely pain free and able to do what I want to at the gym without limitations. Highly recommend!

Lorraine from Long Island:

"I am a healthy, active 64-year-old woman. In August, a tumor was discovered in my heart and immediately removed. I started acupuncture treatments with Willow because I suffered severe post-operative pain and muscle spasms.

She is compassionate, and skillful at acupuncture: I have been cleared to return to my full-time job as an RN. With the help of her treatments, I can still say, 'I am a healthy, active 64-year-old woman.' "



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