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Here Are Some Commonly Asked Questions

Does Acupuncture Help With...?
 It helps with SO many things!
 My patients have had successful treatments for acute and chronic pain, insomnia, anxiety, stress, digestive health, infertility, weight loss, skin conditions, and many other disruptive issues.  
Whether you were referred by your doctor, you've decided a Western approach isn't helping or could use some assistance, or simply because you are seeking complementary healing, choosing acupuncture is a wonderful step in helping yourself be the healthiest you. 
Should I Eat Prior?
Yes! In order for the needles to move Qi (energy), there needs to be energy to work with. Please eat 2-4 hours prior to treatment. As a rule, it's better to have a full belly than an empty one.
What Should I Expect?
We'll sit down and review the reasons for your visit and overall health, I'll take your pulse, and "look" for positive reflexes by pressing on certain areas. From there, I’ll formulate a diagnosis and create a treatment plan strictly tailored to you and your needs. I'll select points, insert needles, and accompany some of them with direct moxibustion​. Some people feel sleepy during the treatment, and some feel sleepy after; some people even feel rejuvenated immediately after! Moving the Qi (chee) is experienced differently by everyone.
What Do Needles Feel Like?

Acupuncture needles are much thinner than epidermal needles-think the width of a hair. Expect to feel a small prick if anything at all.


The arrival of energy, or Qi, can feel different for everyone: sensations can range from heaviness to lightness, to pulsing, to warmth or coolness, it can even be felt moving or in another part of the body.

What Should I Wear?

What are you most relaxed wearing? That's probably what you'll want to have on for a treatment.

You’ll be lying on a table for 45+ minutes, so clothing that won’t hinder your relaxation, can be easily pushed up to your elbows and knees, and can allow access to your back and abdomen. If you’re being treated for pain, allow accessibility to that area.

Should I avoid anything after a treatment?

Not really: you can go about your usual business after a treatment. Keep in mind it takes Qi (energy) to move Qi, so you'll likely just feel like resting after. But if you're feeling energized, by all means go for a walk/swim/yoga class/bike ride!

What Should I Know About Cosmetic Acu/Microneedling?

We'll cover most questions over the phone, but most important is to come in with a clean, bare face. 

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